They're not men, but they get things done!
A business comedy by Amber Daniels and Christy Nyiri

Say it with Pantsuits!

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Series 1

Series 2

Series 3

Series 4 - A Very Pantsuits! Christmas

Everyone's loving Pantsuits!

"These ladies are takin' care of business." Stacey Hall
"It's kind of funny, I guess." Tom Hill
Something about "women talking on phones". Conor Holler
"You're the Delta Burke of the Internet." Aaron Carpenter
Written by
Amber Daniels & Christy Nyiri
Directed by
Amber Daniels & Peter Hadfield & Christy Nyiri & Kevan Schell
Warren Bates & Trevor Browne & Amber Daniels & Adam Kennedy & Kevin Lee & Peter Hadfield & Christy Nyiri & Kevan Schell
Voice Acting
Fiona Toth
Amber Daniels & Tuyet Le & Christy Nyiri
Peter Hadfield & Alex Rybalko & Stefan van Mourik
Graphics & Internets
Christy Nyiri
Online Editing
Amber Daniels & Tuyet Le & Fiona Toth
Theme song
Pietro Sammarco
©2011– Pantsuit Productions

produced by members of
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